Registration and attendance fees

Fill in the registration form at the end of this page to register for the event.

Please get acquainted with the program and participation options first before filling out the registration form. You can get started by becoming acquainted with the information on this page. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the timetable of the event and to leaf through the program descriptions. Workshops and other program numbers are filled up in registration order.


You can attend the ULOS-UT-OUT event on site in Nurmes (LIVE) or you can participate remotely (ONLINE). We strive to offer the most comprehensive program possible for remote participants as well. However, The LIVE-program selection will likely be more comprehensive and functional than the ONLINE-program selection. There will be an ONLINE tag included in the description of the programs that can be attended online as well. The tag will be added to the description of a program as the option for a remote connection is confirmed. Changes to individual program sections are possible. We will inform registered participants about the changes.

We all hope that it is safe and possible to meet up in person in June. However, the organizers are prepared to make the event completely virtual if the COVID-19 situation prevents the event from being organized safely.

We advise our international conference guests to take COVID-19 travel regulations into consideration! This summer ONLINE attendance is a more secure way to attend the event for our international guests.

Attendance fees

These early bird prices are valid till 31.3.2021.

  • 100€ LIVE (includes meals and the whole program selection)
  • 50€ ONLINE (includes online program selection)

LIVE- attendance includes the following meals:

  • Tue: field trip lunch, dinner and supper
  • Wed: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and supper
  • Thu: breakfast and lunch


Please consider carefully which form of attendance suits you the best. We live in a time of uncertainty and it can lead to changes of heart. Therefore, we offer the option for the following changes till 30.4.20201:

Change 1: Changing which programs you attend Instructions: Chance the selection of the programs you want to attend by clicking on the link found in your registration confirmation e-mail. Please note that not all programs are available for ONLINE participants. Programs are filled up in registration order.

Change 2: Changing LIVE-attendance to ONLINE-attendance Instructions: Fill out this change form. We will refund you 50€ of the fee you paid for LIVE attendance.

Change 3: Changing ONLINE -attendance to LIVE- attendance Instructions: Fill out this this change form and pay a change fee of 70€. LIVE -attendance includes meals.

Registration for the event is binding and cannot be canceled. Refunds for changing LIVE participation to ONLINE participation after 30.4.2021 can be arranged only with a doctor’s certificate.

NB! The organizers follow the development of the pandemic closely and adhere to the instructions of the authorities. If the event cannot be organized safely on site because of COVID-19 the whole event (or parts of if) can be made virtual by the decision of the organizers. In such case all registered participants attend the virtual event for the price of ONLINE attendance fee. Those who have already paid for LIVE attendance will be refunded 50% of the fee. (Those who have paid the early bird LIVE attendance fee will be refunded 50€ and those who have paid the regular fee will be refunded 70€.)

Pricing for registrations after 15.3.2021: (LIVE) 140€ and (ONLINE) 70€. Registration will be closed on 30.4.2021. Places are limited.


There are several options for accommodation: You can sleep in a tent or a hammock for free (recommended!) or you can book your own indoor accommodation yourself (available rooms limited). Indoor accommodation is provided by Hyvärilan nuoriso- ja matkailukeskus and Sokos Hotel Bomba, among others. Booking instructions and a list of prices can be found here >

NB! The organizers are not responsible for travel or accommodation bookings. It is best to ask the hosts about their policies concerning changes or cancellations when making a reservation for accommodation.


We will arrange free communal transport if the COVID-19 situation allows us to organize a live event (places limited). Read more about connections>

For those who have registered in spring 2020

The following information applies to those who registered for the 2020 event by 20.4.2020.

Your registration is still valid and handled as a LIVE attendance. We will e-mail you further information in January. If our e-mail has not reached you by 31.1., please contact us through If you wish to cancel your attendance you can still do so until 28.2.2021. We will refund you your attendance fee. Additional instructions will be sent by e-mail. You can change your LIVE attendance to ONLINE attendance. Do so by 30.4. (Read more about the different attendance fees in section Attendance fees.) The program repertoire has changed a little from last summer. You can view the programs you intend to attend and change your selections by clicking on the link found in your registration confirmation e-mail. (We will resend the link to you in January – so remember to monitor your e-mail) Changes in group reservations only by e-mail. Contact us at

Registration form

Group registrations: If your group is large (consisting of 10 or more people) and is paid by one person (for example an employer), do not use the form below! Contact Maija, the coordinator of the event instead ( Please state the number of participants and your billing information in your e-mail. We will send you a group reservation link and you can pay all your attendances with one invoice.