Ulos-Ut-Out 2020

Ulos-Ut-Out 2020
Outdoor learning conference in Finland
June 9-11, 2020

Latest updates:

  • Event will be arrange in 9th-11 June 2020
  • Prices:
    • 100€ (register before 31 March)
    • 140€ (register after 31 March)

Ulos – Ut – Out 2020 Outdoor learning conference will be arrange in Hyvärilä, Nurmes, Eastern Finland in 9.-11.6.2020. The main theme of the event will be education in the changing world, and especially how to address climate change (in terms of education).  Program will be conducted mainly in Finnish and Swedish and partly English. There will be numerous lectures,  workshops and round tables. 

The Ulos – Ut – Out conference will draw participants from the teaching, social work and community work professions as well as students and professionals working in natural environments and other interested parties. The program will cover topics from historical to future perspectives, from the forest to the sea and urban environments. The positive wellbeing effects of nature, sustainable living, social participation and influence will be covered. Participants will gain new perspectives on organising safe educational programs in nature and nature based teaching and learning methods, such as drama, music, adventure, research, art and handicrafts.

The event was arranged first time in Turku and Sauvo in the summer 2017 with 500 participant. It brought together four national conferences: The Finnish national conferences for Adventure Education, Environmental Education, Forest Education and Mitt i naturen.

Just like the name implies, at Ulos- Ut – Out, there will be plenty of outdoor events. In addition to a rich and varied program, outdoor lunch and dinner beside the campfire, there will be bird and bat expeditions and you can even spend the whole night outdoors in a hammock, your own tent or even in a half-platoon tent. You are welcome to join us! Let’s make a change together!

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