For programme creators

This page is used to inform programme creators of all the relevant things pertaining to the event. Information displayed on this page concerns only speakers, workshop leaders and other programme creators. Registration instructions for participants can be found HERE!

Ulos-Ut-Out will be held in June 15th-17th 2021

We are proud to announce Ulos-Ut-Out has gained in popularity as over 360 participants have already registered for the event. We strive to organize a safe first-rate event where, in addition to accumulating new information and skills, participants get to gain unique experiences in nature and enjoy the spirit of working together regardless of the distance covid-19 puts between us.

As the covid-19 pandemic doesn’t show signs of abating by June, we have decided to transform the whole event into a virtual one.

Our goal is to keep Ulos-Ut-Out interactive, functional and memorable despite the distance. We need your help with making this a reality, programme creators. The theme of the event is change, something we have all become familiar with for the past year. Please rise to the challenge! Let us create a new way of communicating about well-tried methods during a time when outdoor learning is more vital than ever. Together we can make the event as big as possible while heeding to the safety regulations of the circumstance at hand. Thank you for being part of this, we could not do this without you!

New interactive event platform:

We are developing a novel virtual event platform by means of a unique collaboration: each programme section will have its own workspace which will include all the needed tools for accomplishing an interactive program. You will have access to the workspace during May.

You can add instructions, materials and additional information (as pictures, text, videos or links) in the content section of your workspace. Moreover, you can also make, for example, a feedback survey or prior knowledge survey and link it in the section as well.

“Vibestream” is a unique interaction tool on the platform. It’s like the event’s own social media. Each program section will have it own vibestream where the participants can share, like and comment their thoughts, pictures, short video clips and such for the creators and other participants of the program to see. Select vibes can be further shared as small trails from different program sections to the public vibestream of the event.

The event platform will feature an option for a remote connection that you can use at your discretion. It allows workshop leaders to give the participants live instructions, tell them stories, usher in the workshop etc. The remote connection is built to be light so participants will mainly interact with the workshop leaders via the above-mentioned vibestream of each program respectively. If you wish you can also use commonly known video conference programs such as Teams, Zoom, Meet or WhatsApp to establish a remote connection of your own. You can share the link to join your meeting in the workspace of the platform.

Panels and workshops mainly use the inbuilt remote connection of the platform. The round tables are provided with a Zoom or Teams connection by either the organizers or the facilitators. The wishes and needs related to the remote connections of the lectures and the round tables will be discussed and agreed in advance with the programme creators.

Workspaces will also feauture other tools for interaction. For example, the campfires will ignite virtually on the platform and the vibestream will also compile the vibes and experiences of the evening, night and morning programs.

Instructions for speakers:

Pertains to speaking turns I, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII & IX

Design the structure and order of the session together with the other speakers on a common planning platform. If you have not received the link and contact information for the speakers in your session, please contact Maija (the coordinator).

Here are some tips for implementing your panels:

In advance:

Make a recording of your speech (duration 15 min) and send it to the organizers by May 15th.  We will help you record your speech if necessary, please contact us for further details. Instructions for recording your speech can be found at the end of this page.

During the event:

Three to four speaking turns are presented at the beginning of a session by using the recordings you have sent us. Members of the audience can ask questions on chat during the turns. You can read questions directed to you during the video presentation of your own turn.

We have reserved plenty of time for discussion at the end of each session. It is then when you can answer questions and discuss with the audience and other speakers of the session. It would be a good idea to plan something that actives the audience in between the speeches, perhaps a question directed to the audience, some kind of a poll or a short stretch break. Let your imagination fly!

Technical details:

Speeches are conducted primarily on the event platform where each panel has its own workspace. Video recordings can be presented in the workspace and each speaker has a one way video connection with the audience. The audience will communicate with the panelists over vibestream. This description is preliminary and we will further clarify the wishes and needs of the speakers and develop the platform accordingly.


Lecture portions of lecture panels are recorded. The recordings can be used in marketing and communication of the event afterwards.

Instructions for round table facilitators:

In advance: 

Plan the course of the discussion.

Technical details:

The round tables are provided with a Zoom or Teams connection by either the organizers or the facilitators. Vibestream of the event platform is utilized to enhance interaction. This description is preliminary and we will further clarify the wishes and needs of the facilitators and develop the platform accordingly.


The round tables will not be recorded.

Instructions and inspiration for workshop leaders:

  • Utilize remote connections and hold your workshop in nature! Perhaps the participants can attend the workshop on their phones?
  • Start a conversation in vibestream with the participants before the event: get to know each other, give preparatory instructions, tell about the supplies etc.
  • Compose an in advance survey for your participants
  • Create an instructive introductory video (eg. tell a little about yourself or record a video of an example group participating in the activities of your workshop)
  • Make an audio recording your participants can listen in nature
  • Compile printable instructions
  • Consider the structure and compilation of your workshop: eg. collective start and instruction + independent working in nearby nature + collective remote compilation as pictures, videos or something else?
  • Choose the most appropriate tool for interaction: if video is not necessary, use audio feed. It might be easier for the participant to only listen to you when they’re in nature.
  • Utilize vibestream diversely!

About the recordings

You can start filming right away if you want to! Send your videos in mp4 format, printable instructions in pdf format, and slideshow slides in ppt formats to

Marketing and communications

We offer additional visibility to our programme creators in versatile ways as part of our marketing and event communication. Take advantage of this opportunity and send us photos of your program and yourself as well as an inspiring piece of text that tells us what you do. Send the photos and the text to us by using the form of this page or by emailing them to us to The photos and texts will be used on the website and social media channels of the Ulos-Ut-Out event.

Link the material related to your workshop and lectures to the online material bank if they are already available online. If you have not used Mappa before, go on Youtube and search for Suomen luonto- ja ympäristökoulujen liitto and check out our instructional videos about how to use

If your material has not been uploaded to the Internet yet, you can link it to Mappa later. Please tag your materials with Ulos2021 on Mappa and social media! Follow Ulos-Ut-Out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ulosutout.
Use #ulos2021 when making social media posts about the event or your program.

Got any questions or feedback?

You can always contact the event organizers!