For programme creators

This page is used to inform programme creators of all the important things pertaining to the event. Please read through the page carefully and check back regularly for updates. Information displayed on this page concerns only speakers, workshop leaders and other programme creators. Registration instructions for participants can be found HERE!

There is a form with which you can notify us of the more detailed implementation of your program and how you have prepared for the labile situation caused by COVID-19. Please fill it out as soon as you can, on February 28 at the latest!


The Ulos-Ut-Out event will be organized June 15-17, 2021 one way or another!

We are proud to announce Ulos-Ut-Out has gained in popularity as over 350 participants have already registered for the event. We strive for a safe first-rate event where, in addition to accumulating new information and skills, participants get to gain unique experiences in nature and enjoy the spirit of working together.

We believe Ulos-Ut-Out is the event of the year and its impact is going to be extensive. Let us create a new way of communicating about well-tried methods during a time when outdoor learning is more vital than ever. Together we can make the event as big as possible while heeding to the safety regulations of the circumstance at hand. Thank you for being part of all this, we could not do this without you!

COVID-19 arrangements

We have prepared for the labile COVID-19 situation by devising two plans: a preferred one and a fallback.  We hope all programme creators would be prepared to follow either of them, too, in case the COVID-19 situation prevents us from organizing the live event in Hyvärilä.


Plan A is the preferred method of organizing the event. Should everything go smoothly, participants can attend the event in Hyvärilä, Nurmes, on site (LIVE) as well as virtually (ONLINE). Panelists and virtual workshop leaders may choose to participate virtually only. Programme creators participate primarily LIVE.


Plan B is a backup plan that is introduced if the COVID-19 situation prevents the organization of the live event. Even if the live event was cancelled, the main organizers and some of the programme creators (within the limitations) would still convene in Hyvärilä. However, the rest of the panelists, workshop leaders and programme creators as well as regular participants would attend the event virtually. The decision of whether Plan B should be exercised is made on April 28 at the latest.

Instructions for programme creators

We hope the event maintains its interactive, functional, and memorable nature despite COVID-19 and wish that at least part of the programme would be held outdoors virtually as well, even if only in the nearby nature of the participants.

We need your help to achieve this goal. The theme of the event is change. It is something we have all faced this year, something we had to learn to accept and adapt to. Rise up to the challenge and think of inventive ways to bring your virtual audience outdoors.

Instructions for speakers

Pertains to speaking turns I, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII & IX

In advance: Make a recording of your speech (duration 15 min) and send it to the organizers by April 28.  We will help you record your speech if necessary, please contact us for further details. Please send us a recording even if you plan to attend the live event on site. Instructions for recording your speech can be found at the end of this page.

During the event: Three to four speaking turns are presented at the beginning of a session by using the recordings you have sent us. Members of the audience can ask questions on chat during the turns. You can read questions directed to you during the presentation of your own turn.

We have reserved plenty of time for discussion at the end of each session. It is then when you can answer questions and discuss with the audience and other speakers of the session.

As a speaker you get to decide whether you attend the event LIVE on site in Hyvärilä, Nurmes, or virtually ONLINE. Guests can attend the speeches and take part in the conversation both LIVE and/or ONLINE.

If we must exercise plan B, the speeches are attended only virtually.

Instructions for round table facilitators

In advance: Plan the course of the discussion, consider both LIVE and ONLINE participants!

Pointers for planning the course of a discussion (coming soon).

During the event: Chairs are arranged for LIVE participants in Hyvärilä and a remote connection is secured for ONLINE participants of the round table panels.

Facilitators attend primarily LIVE on site. The round tables are not recorded.

If we must exercise plan B, the round table panels are held only virtually.

Instructions for workshop leaders

Plan and choose: Could your workshop be executed virtually as well?

Workshops are primarily (according to plan A) organized on site while heeding to the local COVID-19 restrictions. Could your workshop be attended simultaneously virtually? Perhaps the participants could go to a forest nearest to them and take part by using their phones? If an online option is feasible, consider both LIVE and ONLINE participants when planning the execution and interaction of your workshop. If arranging a remote connection proves to be cumbersome you can also hold your workshop with the option for LIVE attendance only.

If the backup plan B must be exercised, all programs are held virtually. In such case, could your workshop be executed functionally and interactively remotely for example in nature that’s found in close proximity to the participants of the event? Should we introduce plan B you can also opt for cancellation.

NEW! Virtual workshops

Would you like to organize a functional and interactive workshop that is held only virtually regardless of any possible developments (for better or worse) of the COVID-19 situation?

Pointers, ideas and instructions for carrying out a virtual workshop (more will be added)

– Set up a group (for example on Telegram) where the participants can keep in touch both in advance of and during the workshop and share their outputs and experiences.
– Film an introductory video of yourself or film an instructional video of, for example, an exemplary group doing the activity of your workshop
– Record an audio file which the participants can listen to while in nature
– Make a printable instructions pamphlet  
– If the workshop has two leaders, it is recommended to share the responsibilities so that one will take care of the ONLINE participants while the other attends to the LIVE participants.

IMPORTANT: Fill out a survey so that we can add the ONLINE tag to your workshop description if the ONLINE attendance is feasible.

Other programme creators (networking, experiences)

Contact Maija the coordinator so we can discuss any further details.

About the recordings

You can start filming right away if you want to! Send your videos in mp4 format, printable instructions in pdf format, and slideshow slides in ppt formats to

Coming soon: instructions for making a video of your own

Marketing and communications

We offer additional visibility to our programme creators in versatile ways as part of our marketing and event communication. Take advantage of this opportunity and send us photos of your program and yourself as well as an inspiring piece of text that tells us what you do. Send the photos and the text to us by using the form of this page or by emailing them to us to The photos and texts will be used on the website and social media channels of the Ulos-Ut-Out event.

Link the material related to your workshop and lectures to the online material bank if they are already available online. If you have not used Mappa before, go on Youtube and search for Suomen luonto- ja ympäristökoulujen liitto and check out our instructional videos about how to use

If your material has not been uploaded to the Internet yet, you can link it to Mappa later. Please tag your materials with Ulos2021 on Mappa and social media! Follow Ulos-Ut-Out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ulosutout.
Use #ulos2021 when making social media posts about the event or your program.

Got any questions or feedback?

You can always contact the event organizers!